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Rubber Rollers
The Rubber Rollers are highly applicable for manufacturing processes of textiles, sheet, paper, film and coiled metal. These are suited for container as well as packaging fabricating equipment as well as machinery used for the sanding and grinding of wood, steel and aluminum.
Extruded Rubber Products
The Extruded Rubber Products are suited for several industrial as well as commercial tasks. These boast of high resilience as well as improved elasticity as well as flexibility. In this way, these are the effective choices for applications, which stand in need of fluid transportation, shock absorption and strong sealing.
Rubber Sheets
Rubber Sheets provided by us are suited for a wide range of applications. These find suitability in the home as well as industrial environments. The sheets are useful in providing protection to several work surfaces. Also, these can create cushioning and can make seals for doors & others. 
Rubber O-Rings
The Rubber O-Rings are useful for several sealing applications. These are easily customizable and are used in making the respiratory equipment, fluid transfer devices, pumps, drug delivery devices etc. Offered are highly suited for dynamic as well as static applications and boast of chemical stability. 
Silicone Sponge Profile
Silicone Sponge Profiles are provided with low & high temperature acoustic insulation, high compressibility, thermal insulation, reduced water absorption, resistance to ozone and UV etc. These are applicable for electrical enclosure seals, outdoor lighting gaskets, door seals, HVAC Seals etc. 
Silicon Products
The Silicon Products are suited for the industries of automobile, construction, electronic, pharmaceutical, architecture, healthcare etc. These have excellent resistance to heat. These products of low chemical reactivity and low thermal conductivity are demanded for making sealant, cooking utensils, lubricants, insulation items and others.
Silicone Strips
The Silicone Strips are the self-adhesive strips, designed to reduce the scarring. With their use, users can easily get the original texture as well as softness of the skin. These are used to minimize the severity of scars as well as prevent their new formation. 
Silicone Transparent Tubes
Offered high quality Silicone Transparent Tubes are provided with good chemical resistance. These enable easy cleaning and sterilizing. Some of them can be used as the cable sleeves and have resistance against radiation, weather, ozone and UV. 
The Gaskets are the mechanical seals, which are used to cover the space between two and more than two mating surfaces. In this way, these can prevent leakage and can fill the irregularities. Industries that need these are oil, chemical, automotive and others. 
Silicone Rubber Extruded Profiles
The Silicone Rubber Extruded Profiles can be used as the dairy seals, military seals, window seals, plastic case & architectural etc. These are also demanded in the industry of aerospace and have applicability as the outdoor cellular telecommunication enclosures as well as outdoor electrical enclosures. 
Rubber Moulded Products
The Rubber Moulded Products are suited for all types of industrial packaging. These are at suitable for making o-rings, seals and the seals used in the medical sector. Apart from that, these are applicable for the industries of compressors and pumps, aerospace, pharmaceutical manufacturing, automotive etc.
Cable Clamps
Cable clamps are the accessories, used for wire as well as cable. In addition, these are used for label, guides, bundle, clamps and clips. These are used for the protection of wires as well as cables. The said clamps have significant role in the overall maintenance as well as installation of the cable systems.
Cable Holders
The Cable Holders are the indispensable items, which can find connectivity with the DVD players, speakers, video projectors and desktop computers. These are also applicable for the proliferation of mobile devices such as tablet PCs, laptops, smartphones etc. These are provided with suitable battery levels. 
Dam Gate seal
The Dam Gate seals are provided with molded as well as extruded shapes, so as to provide excellent sealing effect. These are provided with embedded sealing plates and provide an even tightening of seals. In this way, these can avoid the waviness and allow for improved flexibility. 
EPDM Profiles
The EPDM Profiles are used for several types of fabrication jobs. These have resistance against weather, chemicals, ozone, and other corrosive fluids. Offered grips can prevent noise and provide protection against dust and water. 
Nylon Products
Nylon Products are used for making several plastic machine parts. These are the low cost as well as long lasting products, demanded in the electronics industry. The said products are demanded for their heat resistance as well as non-conductivity. Also, these are useful for making bolts, washers, screws, and nuts. 
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